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Why veterans are at a high risk for motorcycle accidents

Returning to civilian life after military service is challenging. Veterans find healthy and unhealthy ways to cope with the changes and stress, from drinking to professional therapy. One common choice of relief is riding a motorcycle. The combination of being outdoors and enjoying a relaxing ride or adrenaline rush helps calm the turmoil inside. Some veterans find support with each other by forming motorcycle clubs.

Unfortunately, this method of stress management comes with a high risk of injury and fatality. Motorcycle riding is already dangerous enough, but the risk seems to be higher for veterans. Although deaths from motor vehicle accidents have declined for this group, motorcycle accidents are increasingly a contributing factor, reports U.S. Medicine.

3 good things senior drivers do to stay safe

As an older adult, you know driving helps you be independent. Driving lets you run your own errands, visit friends and family and maybe even go to work. But did you know you are more likely to get injured or killed in a car accident as you get older? In fact, over 236,000 senior drivers went to emergency rooms and over 5,700 died because of car crashes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

A decline in vision, reduced cognitive functions and physical changes can all affect your driving abilities. But despite these risks, there are some things you can do to keep yourself safe on the road. 

Nursing home residents’ finances may not be safe

When one puts a loved one in a nursing home, he or she is sure to visit often and make sure that staff is caring well for the elderly family member. Most people know how to discover typical nursing home abuses such as malnutrition, development of bed sores or even improper supervision allowing an elderly loved one to wander off. Certainly, personal injuries to the elderly in nursing homes are not uncommon. However, an unnoticed abuse of a loved one’s finances may not be something one expects. Unfortunately, many seniors residing in nursing homes across the country are subject to theft of their savings by the very nursing home that should be caring for them, and Florida seniors are not immune from this abuse.

As reported by USA Today, financial exploitation at the hand of nursing home employees is now in the spotlight, with many state attorneys general vamping up the investigation of this growing problem. There have been innumerable instances of nursing home employees, including administrators, stealing residents’ funds for shopping sprees, personal purchases for themselves and even gambling.

3 examples of product liability that affects seniors

As a senior, you may come across lots of advice on how to be a safer driver or ensure your health care providers do you no harm. While these are certainly relevant subjects, they are not the only types of personal injury sources you are susceptible to.

Another is product liability, which occurs when a product harms you due to an unsafe design, improper manufacturing or poor labeling/instructions. The following are only three examples of how defective products may hurt you.

3 risks senior drivers face on the road

You may have heard that driving can be dangerous for senior citizens. This is a generalization, but it is true that there are several unique risks faced by the elderly population when they hit the road. According to the Emergency Medicine Journal, older drivers are more likely to get into a collision.

This is not the only risk to be taken into consideration, though. You should also be aware of the following issues affecting elderly drivers.

Outfitting the senior biker for a safe, comfortable ride

Many senior citizens grew up riding “hogs", as those big, powerful Harleys are called. Many more acquired motorcycles later in life when they could finally afford to own them. If you are one of these proud senior bikers, you probably enjoy wearing black when you take to the road, and your motorcycle may be black as well.

The problem is that this color selection makes it hard for motorists to see you, so perhaps it is time to consider ways to become more visible.

3 warning signs for senior drivers

As you age, it is completely normal for certain abilities to change, and driving is no exception. By knowing the warning signs and reducing risk factors, you may be able to continue driving safely and avoidcollisions. Here is a quick look athow getting older impacts your driving, what red flags to watch out for and how to make appropriate adjustments to stay safe on the road.

1. Eyesight issues

3 safe driving tips for seniors

Driving is sometimes challenging and risky for seniors. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that the risk of personal injury and death from car accidents increases with age. Safety requires more than obeying traffic laws and reading road signs; senior drivers must adjust for health and physical conditions to improve driving. Follow these three tips to stay safe on the road.

Nursing home abuse in Florida

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are designed to provide excellent care and assistance. Unfortunately, many nursing homes fail to meet these duties. In fact, the state of Florida recently prohibited an assisted living facility from admitting any new residents due to safety violations and abuse concerns. Learn about the standards that nursing homes are held to and how to recognize signs of abuse.

Signs of nursing home abuse

Are you concerned that an elderly friend or loved one is not being treated correctly? As your parents and other family members age, choosing a nursing home becomes a difficult decision. Unfortunately , elder abuse is a serious issue, and it can occur at nursing homes. Although you may have suspicions, sometimes neglect and abuse are not easy to detect. If you are worried about an elderly person in your life, learn the signs of abuse.

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