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Injured In A Slip-And-Fall Accident?

The Briggs Law Firm has handled numerous slip-and-fall claims.

The law in Florida provides that property owners have an obligation to maintain their property or premises in a reasonably safe condition in order to prevent customers or guests from falling. Negligently allowing liquids, or substances or slippery surfaces to exist can often result in falls and injuries.

Why do people fall on a slippery surface that can be seen?

Because most people do not look straight down when they are walking. They look out. They are looking where they are going. They are looking not to bump into something, or looking to be sure someone does not bump into them. They are looking so they do not get run over.

For that reason, and generally assuming that there will not be slippery surfaces that are not clearly obvious, normal people encounter on occasion slippery conditions that have been negligently allowed to exist, resulting in falls and injuries.

Where Slip-And-Falls Occur


Parking lots





Parks and playgrounds

Arenas, stadiums and theaters

Job sites

Retirement centers and nursing homes

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