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February 2015 Archives

FDA warning targets infection dangers from certain medical scopes

It was just last week that we addressed for the first time the issue of so-called "never events." These are medical errors that health safety experts have identified as being completely preventable situations or conditions in hospitals and clinics which, when they occur, can result in serious injury or possibly even needless death.

If bedsores are considered 'never events' why do they happen?

There are a number of medical errors that have been determined to be all too common but which should never happen. Those in the Florida medical profession call these "never events." That is, there are practices that should be standard operating procedure so that such things never happen.

To litigate, arbitrate or mediate: What is the answer?

It's probably widely known that property owners in Florida have the responsibility to make sure that their premises are safe for visitors. Whether those visitors are invited implicitly or explicitly, a landlord might be liable for providing fair compensation if conditions were allowed to exist that caused someone to trip and fall and suffer injury.

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