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April 2015 Archives

Premises liability may not be limited to slips, trips and falls

If you are a Florida property owner you have probably found yourself wondering at one time or another whether you have possible premises liability exposure. State law makes fairly plain that landowners are required to exercise reasonable care to be sure that any visitors on a property aren't subjected to conditions that might result in their suffering injury.

Robotic surgery: High tech medicine doesn't mean it's safer

The concept of robotic surgery is one that attracts a lot of attention. Most of the time, the information about the wonders of this technology comes from the hospital that is looking to attract patients. Often used to back up the claims is information that comes directly from the manufacturer of the devices.

Claims for dangerous products may be based on various grounds

Reliability of products is something most of us take for granted. If we pay for something, we expect the product to function as claimed by the manufacturer. When it doesn't, there is an equal expectation that someone can be held accountable. Even if a product's maker or reseller isn't willing to stand behind it, consumer protection laws might be leveraged to obtain compensation for damages suffered.

Workplace deaths spark questions over potential liability

When death occurs unexpectedly, it makes little difference what the circumstances happened to be. The pain and anguish that loved ones and friends of victims endure is bound to be the same whether the death was the result of an accident in a workplace setting or outside of one.

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