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December 2015 Archives

Do you understand Florida's social host liability laws?

Parents sometimes rationalize allowing their children and their friends to consume alcohol in the family home before they turn 21 by saying, "I'd rather have them drink here at home than out on the road." There is some logic behind that argument, but that choice could carry a hefty price tag.

What are the hazards of pools and hot tubs?

Getting a hot tub or a pool can be so much fun for the family. A place to relax and enjoy life. Unfortunately, they can be a bit of a liability, too. What happens when someone slips and falls on your deck or has an accident that involves your hot tub or pool? What about a child trespassing on your property and going for a swim? The term attractive nuisance comes to mind immediately.

Plaintiffs have burden of proof in malpractice cases

Patients have the right to expect their doctors to have a certain level of skill and competence when they are rendering medical care. No doctor is capable of healing every malady, but their treatment must rise to the level of proficiency that meets a standard of care. Otherwise, medical providers open themselves up to allegations of malpractice.

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