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November 2019 Archives

Vicarious liability claim may be justified after truck accident

A semi-truck can cause devastation when involved in an accident. In too many instances, these wrecks leave individuals with serious injuries that oftentimes leave them with long-lasting physical injuries. While painful, these injuries can also leave an individual with temporary or permanent disability. On top of this, truck accident victims usually suffer extensive financial losses, primarily on account of unexpected medical expenses and lost wages. The combination of physical pain and suffering and financial loss can quickly become overwhelming, thereby leaving individuals in a fragile emotional state.

What is comparative negligence?

The legal concept of negligence is a complex one. Generally, negligence is considered the failure of a person to fulfill their duty of care to a second individual and the injury of the second individual caused by the negligent party's breach of their duty. Florida recognizes negligence as a basis for a personal injury claim and requires victims to prove the elements of negligence to recover their damages.

Elderly travelers in Florida at risk because of driver negligence

Whether you're a Florida resident over age 65 who often travels as a passenger in a loved one's vehicle, takes a shuttle bus from a condominium complex or assisted living facility or still gets behind the wheel to drive, safety often hinges upon the actions of other motorists nearby. You may take some solace in the fact that every driver is legally obligated to adhere to traffic laws and safety regulations.

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