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December 2019 Archives

What weather condition causes the most accidents?

Whether an individual is a resident of Florida or is just visiting, one is fairly familiar with the weather in Florida. This often means warm temperatures but could mean frequent afternoon rains or hurricane season. Although many northerners travel to Florida for the winter months do evade the frigid temperatures and snow covered roads, the reality is that even a warm state like Florida can still experience inclement weather.

Helping you assert a premises liability action

With the holiday season in full swing, many residents in Florida and elsewhere are likely planning on celebrating this time of year by vising friends and family, attending holiday events and celebrations and frequently visiting public places to shop. While it is common to enter the property of others throughout the year, this time of year is likely a time where it occurs more frequently. And with each event or shopping trip, individuals should be aware of their rights if they suffer an injury at the property of another's.

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