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January 2020 Archives

Florida is the second worst state for distracted driving

Our roadways can experience heavy traffic. While busy roads can be the cause of serious automobile collisions, the reality is that there does not need to be traffic or many vehicles on the roadways for an accident to ensue. Although some accidents are simply that, an unpreventable accident, many are the cause of a negligent or reckless driver. While there are many causes of crashes in the state of Florida, a growing concern in this and other states across the nation is distracted driving.

Helping you navigate a premises liability action

When one thinks of premises liability cases, they likely think of slip-and-fall incidences. While falls due to slips and trips frequently give rise to these cases, these are not the only accidents that could take place on the property of another. Whether it is private or public property, a property owner owes a duty to visitors. He or she has the duty to keep their property clear of any hazards. That means warning visitors of any known dangers and repairing hazards as soon as possible.

Car accident injuries may not show up right away

Motor vehicle accidents happen every single day here in Florida. Many of them are only minor fender-benders and thought to be no big deal, but even these relatively minor accidents can cause victims pain -- in a number of ways. Whether your accident was mild, moderate or severe in nature, any injuries you've suffered may not show up right away.

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