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Non-physical forms of abuse and negligence in nursing homes

Putting a parent into a nursing home is not an easy thing to do emotionally. You probably worry about the well-being of your mom or dad every day. You may have heard of horror stories regarding abuse and negligence in nursing homes. How can you be sure your parent is safe despite your best efforts?

Examples of medical negligence

As you get older, you tend to visit the doctor more often and need more medical intervention for your changing health. Unfortunately, what should be healing can sometimes be damaging. Health care providers can make mistakes that cause you a severe injury. When these are due to negligence, the situation falls under medical malpractice.

Nursing home abuse in Florida

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are designed to provide excellent care and assistance. Unfortunately, many nursing homes fail to meet these duties. In fact, the state of Florida recently prohibited an assisted living facility from admitting any new residents due to safety violations and abuse concerns. Learn about the standards that nursing homes are held to and how to recognize signs of abuse.

Signs of nursing home abuse

Are you concerned that an elderly friend or loved one is not being treated correctly? As your parents and other family members age, choosing a nursing home becomes a difficult decision. Unfortunately , elder abuse is a serious issue, and it can occur at nursing homes. Although you may have suspicions, sometimes neglect and abuse are not easy to detect. If you are worried about an elderly person in your life, learn the signs of abuse.

4 signs of nursing home neglect

Nursing home abuse and neglect are serious problems at facilities throughout the nation. Neglect happens when a senior citizen in a nursing home doesn't receive the level of care necessary. This level of care varies depending on individual needs, but it often includes assistance with eating, basic hygiene and mobility for those in nursing homes.

Unnecessary prescriptions of antipsychotic drugs in nursing homes

Most people tend to trust the professional staff of nursing homes to take proper care of senior citizens; unfortunately, proper care is not always provided. Elderly patients are sometimes subjected to neglectful and abusive practices in nursing homes. When one thinks of neglect of abuse of the elderly, physical violence or neglect may be the first things that come to mind. While these are serious instances of elder abuse, it can take many other forms.

A New Means To Prevent Brain Trauma

Late last month, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of two new devices that can assess an individual's cognitive function in the moments immediately following a concussion or other brain injury. This is big news. Namely, these devices are the first such tools to gain approval from the FDA, and will go a long way toward reducing the ineffective practices and general quackery that have lately plagued the field of neurology.

Discharge from the hospital can be a deadly time

When they are discharged from the hospital, few patients realize that they are in the midst of a dangerous transition; they are just happy to be going home. But badly coordinated care plans often dog their transition to home health agencies or nursing care, research indicates.

Were you harmed by a da Vinci assisted surgery system?

More women are taking legal action against the Sunnyvale, California, company that manufactures the assisted surgery system known as the da Vinci. Intuitive Surgical has been named in numerous personal injury lawsuits by patients claiming that their hysterectomies were botched due to use of the robotic device.

Non-obstetric surgeries carry risk during pregnancy

If you are pregnant, chances are that you don't expect to need any surgeries that are not a possible Cesarean-section delivery of your little bundle of joy. But sadly, there are conditions that develop during a woman's pregnancy that are not related to the condition, but do require surgery during the gestation period.

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