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We can file a wrongful death claim for the loss of your loved one

When a beloved family member dies needlessly due to the negligence of another person, the grief can overwhelm the survivors. Just making it through each day can be a monumental task, and those family members left behind are often too overcome with emotion to think clearly.

Do you understand Florida's social host liability laws?

Parents sometimes rationalize allowing their children and their friends to consume alcohol in the family home before they turn 21 by saying, "I'd rather have them drink here at home than out on the road." There is some logic behind that argument, but that choice could carry a hefty price tag.

Wrongful death during pregnancy or labor

One of the most tragic types of wrongful death cases occur when, due to negligence by medical professional, a woman dies during pregnancy or labor. When this unfortunate circumstance occurs, her survivors (including the infant, should he or she survive the fatal event involving his or her mother) might have a cause of action to initiate a claim for wrongful death.

Traditional Help For Truly Injured

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