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Wrongful Death Archives

Workplace deaths spark questions over potential liability

When death occurs unexpectedly, it makes little difference what the circumstances happened to be. The pain and anguish that loved ones and friends of victims endure is bound to be the same whether the death was the result of an accident in a workplace setting or outside of one.

FDA warning targets infection dangers from certain medical scopes

It was just last week that we addressed for the first time the issue of so-called "never events." These are medical errors that health safety experts have identified as being completely preventable situations or conditions in hospitals and clinics which, when they occur, can result in serious injury or possibly even needless death.

Just because a drug isn't controlled doesn't make it safe

A couple of weeks ago we took the opportunity to offer a bit of an education about what it takes to bring a wrongful death suit in Florida. As that item noted, there are some very specific stipulations that the law requires, including that the victim's death has to have been the result of someone else's recklessness or negligence.

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