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Premises liability may not be limited to slips, trips and falls

If you are a Florida property owner you have probably found yourself wondering at one time or another whether you have possible premises liability exposure. State law makes fairly plain that landowners are required to exercise reasonable care to be sure that any visitors on a property aren't subjected to conditions that might result in their suffering injury.

When is the right time to call an attorney?

Most people don't have an attorney on retainer. There are probably a lot of reasons why. Perhaps many believe that only rich people can afford to do it. A more likely reason is that it never comes to mind. In the course of life, the only time a person might imagine that they would need an attorney is if they get caught up in the criminal justice system.

What safety standards exist for public swimming pools?

Florida is among a few states in the U.S. that enjoys the possibility of year-round swimming pool access. Unfortunately, that designation comes with the fact that Florida is the top state for the number of swimming pool accidents recorded every year that result in injury and drowning deaths.

To litigate, arbitrate or mediate: What is the answer?

It's probably widely known that property owners in Florida have the responsibility to make sure that their premises are safe for visitors. Whether those visitors are invited implicitly or explicitly, a landlord might be liable for providing fair compensation if conditions were allowed to exist that caused someone to trip and fall and suffer injury.

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