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Medical Malpractice Archives

Robotic surgery: High tech medicine doesn't mean it's safer

The concept of robotic surgery is one that attracts a lot of attention. Most of the time, the information about the wonders of this technology comes from the hospital that is looking to attract patients. Often used to back up the claims is information that comes directly from the manufacturer of the devices.

If bedsores are considered 'never events' why do they happen?

There are a number of medical errors that have been determined to be all too common but which should never happen. Those in the Florida medical profession call these "never events." That is, there are practices that should be standard operating procedure so that such things never happen.

Court rulings could change color of Florida med mal cases

The law is a dynamic thing. Not only do laws change by legislative action, but their effects can also be changed as issues are decided by the courts. A couple of doses of such change have been delivered in recent months and the result is that the complexion of medical malpractice law in Florida appears to be changing.

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