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How are paralysis and spinal cord injuries related?

Paralysis is a serious medical ailment. Though it may develop as a result of an illness or genetic condition, many causes of paralysis are related to traumatic injuries sustained in accidents such as motor vehicle collisions. This Florida-based personal injury blog will share some information on the relationship between accidents, spinal cord injuries, and paralysis in this post, but as with all articles provided herein this post contains no medical or legal advice.

When an accident happens, a body may be subjected to violent forces and pressures. Under the weight of these conditions, the spinal cord may sustain trauma. The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves that runs from the brain down through the spinal column. From the spinal cord other nerves branch off to provide pathways from the brain to other parts of the body, such as the arms and legs.

Can Florida homeowners be liable for swimming pool accidents?

Hot weather has returned to Florida, and many people escape the heat by spending time at the pool. Some people choose to visit a community pool. However, many people go swimming at a friend or relative's house. But, swimming can be a dangerous activity. There is always the risk of drowning, slip-and-fall accidents and diving accidents at a homeowner's pool. This may make private pool owners wonder if they are liable for accidents that take place in their pools.

It is important for private pool owners to understand that they are responsible for pool accidents that occur while they are at home, supervising the activity. However, private pool owners may be surprised to find out that they are also responsible for injuries to trespassers who use their pool if the pool owner was negligent.

How do federal regulations seek to prevent truck accidents?

When it comes to an accident between a fully-loaded 80,000 pound semi-truck and a standard 2,000 pound automobile, it is likely that the occupants of the automobile will suffer significant damages. Unfortunately, truck accidents occur all too frequently in Florida and nationwide, injuring or killing those involved. For this reason, there are many federal and state laws and regulations that trucking companies and truck drivers must comply with.

For example, drivers of semi-trucks must obtain a commercial driver license to operate their vehicles. This is a special license that is only issued to those who can safely operate a large truck. Unqualified drivers are more likely to cause truck accidents. In addition, there are regulations in place that outline how much time a trucker can spend on the road before taking a rest break. The aim of these regulations is to prevent driver fatigue, which is a common cause of truck accidents.

Exploding sunroofs may be newest widespread vehicle defect

In recent years, there have been major recalls issued for defects with automobiles in the United States and worldwide. There was the Toyota sudden unintended acceleration scandal. There are was the Takata exploding airbag recall. There have been countless others involving defective tires, seat belts, and SUVs predisposed to dangerous rollover accidents.

In each case, it took time for regulators and automakers to acknowledge and address the problems. And during that time, more and more drivers got hurt or killed. The newest auto defect that many of us have yet to hear about may just be the most bizarre: exploding sunroofs.

Non-physical forms of abuse and negligence in nursing homes

Putting a parent into a nursing home is not an easy thing to do emotionally. You probably worry about the well-being of your mom or dad every day. You may have heard of horror stories regarding abuse and negligence in nursing homes. How can you be sure your parent is safe despite your best efforts?

The key is to remain vigilant in watching for warning signs. You may already know to look for physical evidence, such as bedsores and bruises. However, you also need to be aware of these other ways your parent may suffer.

4 common ways elderly people get hurt

Aging can bring various health challenges. Elderly people face risks of getting hurt and developing chronic conditions. This can make getting older daunting and intimidating.

It is vital to be aware of the most common senior injuries and how they occur. Understanding the risk factors and making good lifestyle choices will help reduce elderly accidents.

Examples of medical negligence

As you get older, you tend to visit the doctor more often and need more medical intervention for your changing health. Unfortunately, what should be healing can sometimes be damaging. Health care providers can make mistakes that cause you a severe injury. When these are due to negligence, the situation falls under medical malpractice.

Negligence means that the provider did not follow standards of practice and that the error would not have occurred if the provider had not been careless. Many of these mistakes happen in the following areas.

Dangers of bedsores to seniors

One of the biggest issues seniors face whether they are in their own homes or at a nursing facility is bedsores. When someone remains immobile for an extended period of time, ulcers appear on the skin where the person has lain, and bedsores can be extremely dangerous to older adults without prompt treatment.

When you have a loved one in a nursing home, it is critical to know whether the person has received the best care possible. Nursing homes should have procedures in place to prevent bedsores from forming on a person, and there are things you should know about this painful condition.

Biggest mistakes you can make with a personal injury case

Senior citizens in Florida suffer injuries every day. In 2014, approximately 29 million falls occurred in the United States, resulting in 7 million injuries to the nation's older citizens.

In many cases, another party will hold liability for the injury. You may want to pursue a personal injury claim, but you need to do so cautiously. Many mistakes can seriously jeopardize the claim.

3 Signs Your Aging Parent Has Suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury

Being anxious about your aging mother's desire to live alone is normal. You are worried that she is taking too many risks. She recently suffered a fall while walking to the car, and now you're noticing that something is a little off. She didn't have any noticeable injuries, except for a bump on the back of her head. The signs and symptoms of a mild traumatic brain injury can be far-ranging, and the damage may be far-reaching. 

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