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Motor vehicle accidents: 1 killed, 1 critical after head-on crash

On a two-lane road, it may take little more than a moment of inattention to create a hazardous scenario. Motor vehicle accidents that take place when a driver veers into the opposite lane may also run the risk of causing a chain reaction of events with potentially catastrophic consequences. A collision involving two trucks and a tractor-trailer in Florida has reportedly left one person with critical injuries and claimed the life of another.

The accident reportedly took place on a two-lane road at around 6 a.m. on a recent Saturday. For reasons unknown, the driver of a truck suddenly crossed into the oncoming lane and hit a second truck head-on. The driver of a nearby tractor-trailer was apparently unable to steer clear of the crash and reportedly proceeded to collide with the rear-end of one of the pickups before overturning.

Motor vehicle accidents: 3 killed, 2 injured in single-car crash

Operating a motor vehicle inherently requires a certain level of concentration and even a momentary lapse in judgment could have unforeseen consequences. Motor vehicle accidents that take place when a driver loses control and veers off course run the unfortunate risk of endangering the safety and lives of all parties involved. A single-vehicle accident involving similar circumstances in Florida has claimed the lives of three individuals and left two others with critical injuries.

The accident is said to have taken place on a recent Sunday at around 3:30 a.m. Authorities say the incident occurred when for reasons that remain unknown, a driver lost control of a vehicle and veered off the road. The vehicle proceeded to crash into several trees shortly thereafter and two passengers were reportedly ejected from within in the process.

Motor vehicle accidents: Failure to yield prompts fatal collision

Failing to ensure there is sufficient time and space before attempting to maneuver a left-hand turn can be a dangerous decision. Failure to yield continues to be one of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents and when motorcycles are involved, the results of such incidents could prove cataclysmic. A 54-year-old motorcycle rider has died following a recent collision that took place under similar circumstances in Florida.

Law enforcement agents have advised that the accident occurred on a recent Sunday afternoon. An investigation into the crash indicates that the driver of a truck failed to yield the right of way before attempting to make a left turn. The truck reportedly pulled directly into the path of a nearby motorcycle and the bike crashed into the side of the other vehicle soon thereafter.

Being prepared for the aftermath should the unthinkable occur

As you wake up and begin compiling a list of things to accomplish for the day, being involved in a collision likely won't make the cut. While traveling along Florida roads, you may even consider it essential to take every possible measure to prevent such a potentially dangerous scenario from occurring.

Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned, and since an accident could take place at any moment, being prepared for the possibility may be vital. In some cases, this could mean being prepared to handle a variety of driving scenarios, while in others, it might mean knowing what to do should a crash occur.

Motor vehicle accidents: Crash claims life of 2-year-old child

When a driver loses control of a vehicle and veers off the road, nearby pedestrians may find it nearly impossible to react in time to escape a potential disaster. Motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians can prove dangerous under any circumstance and those who are unable to react in time to reach safety could suffer serious harm in the process, or worse. An accident that took place after a driver lost control and veered toward a temporary gift shop vendor has reportedly claimed the life of a 2-year-old child in Florida.

The incident reportedly took place at the site of a temporary shopping vendor that had set up a tent to sell items on Valentine's Day. Authorities say that for reasons unknown, the driver of a northbound vehicle lost control and veered in the direction of the tent, crashing through a nearby fence in the process. The vehicle reportedly hit a child who was standing near the tent, subsequently causing him to become trapped underneath the vehicle.

Motor vehicle accidents: 3 killed in hit-and-run crash in Florida

Failing to stop at a red light before proceeding through an intersection can be a hazardous maneuver. Such decisions inherently increase the chances motor vehicle accidents may occur and incidents of this nature can have calamitous results. Three individuals died during a recent hit-and-run collision after a driver failed to stop for a red light in Florida.

According to reports, law enforcement agents responded to the scene of the crash on a recent Saturday evening. Initial investigations indicate the accident occurred when the driver of a car failed to stop for a red light before crossing into an intersection. The car reportedly proceeded to collide with a second vehicle shortly thereafter, causing it to spin out of control.

Florida is the second worst state for distracted driving

Our roadways can experience heavy traffic. While busy roads can be the cause of serious automobile collisions, the reality is that there does not need to be traffic or many vehicles on the roadways for an accident to ensue. Although some accidents are simply that, an unpreventable accident, many are the cause of a negligent or reckless driver. While there are many causes of crashes in the state of Florida, a growing concern in this and other states across the nation is distracted driving.

Based on current statistics, our state is ranked the second worst state in the nation when it comes to distracted driving. While various campaigns seek to address texting and driving, the reality is that this is not the only form of distraction that causes car accident in the state. There are other habits, such as eating, addressing children, checking the GPS, changing the station or touching knobs or buttons in the vehicle, grooming, talking to others in the vehicle and even thinking or daydreaming.

Helping you navigate a premises liability action

When one thinks of premises liability cases, they likely think of slip-and-fall incidences. While falls due to slips and trips frequently give rise to these cases, these are not the only accidents that could take place on the property of another. Whether it is private or public property, a property owner owes a duty to visitors. He or she has the duty to keep their property clear of any hazards. That means warning visitors of any known dangers and repairing hazards as soon as possible.

When an individual in Florida is invited onto the property of another, whether as a visitor or customer, he or she is under the impression that the property is safe. Unfortunately this is not always the case, which is why the attorneys at The Briggs Law Firm are focused on guiding clients through these challenging matters and helping them recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and all other losses associated with the incident.

Car accident injuries may not show up right away

Motor vehicle accidents happen every single day here in Florida. Many of them are only minor fender-benders and thought to be no big deal, but even these relatively minor accidents can cause victims pain -- in a number of ways. Whether your accident was mild, moderate or severe in nature, any injuries you've suffered may not show up right away.

Delayed-onset injuries are a very real thing. Some injuries can take hours, days or even weeks to present themselves. If you are experiencing delayed-onset injuries following a car crash, experts advise seeking help right away.

What weather condition causes the most accidents?

Whether an individual is a resident of Florida or is just visiting, one is fairly familiar with the weather in Florida. This often means warm temperatures but could mean frequent afternoon rains or hurricane season. Although many northerners travel to Florida for the winter months do evade the frigid temperatures and snow covered roads, the reality is that even a warm state like Florida can still experience inclement weather.

What weather condition causes the most accidents? Based on current statistics by the U.S. Department of Transportation, rain and wet roadways is the type of weather road condition that causes the most car accidents each year when compared to other inclement weather conditions. It was found that 1,235,000 crashes occur each year due to weather, resulting in around 5,000 deaths and over 418,000 injuries.

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