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Florida's Nursing Homes: A Surfeit Of Injuries

Injuries are common in nursing homes and, indeed, injury-related deaths are common in nursing homes as well. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 1,800 adults living in assisted care facilities die from fall-related injuries each year, and many more sustain permanently disabling injuries.

Invitees have the most rights in premises liability cases

Can a business or property owner predict that a crime could be committed against someone on their premises? As it turns out, the Florida courts sometimes rule that owners are responsible for damages stemming from "foreseeable crimes." Consider the following scenario:

What are the hazards of pools and hot tubs?

Getting a hot tub or a pool can be so much fun for the family. A place to relax and enjoy life. Unfortunately, they can be a bit of a liability, too. What happens when someone slips and falls on your deck or has an accident that involves your hot tub or pool? What about a child trespassing on your property and going for a swim? The term attractive nuisance comes to mind immediately.

Traditional Help For Truly Injured

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